About 31digital

31digital is a digital marketing agency (surprise it's in the name right?), specializing in SEO and Facebook advertising for small business. We take the strategies and tactics utilized by the fastest growing startups, and make them accessible to any small business.

We do that through a combination of done-for-you services as well as coaching and consulting, whatever can give our clients the best bang for their buck.

We look to demystify SEO and Facebook advertising for our clients and give them a clear vision of how to get the most from their marketing strategy, and how that will drive revenue for their business. We believe in using transparency to educate our clients on how SEO and Facebook advertising works, even if that means making the need for our services obsolete.

The result is a truly consultative approach to discussing the best strategies available. It's a wholistic approach that considers the entire marketing strategy and how that supports a client's business goals.


We believe in putting people first. That includes our clients and their customers. Data has it's role and is very important, but for most small businesses and early stage startups, there isn't enough data to make statistically significant decisions. But, by putting people first and being empathetic, you can gain directional insights from even the smallest data sets. 


Processes are what fuels systematic growth. The fastest growing companies have frameworks that help them keep organized and moving forward. But any business can benefit from these same principals for their marketing. This makes sure you are consistently gaining insights and improving from campaign to campaign.


We love what we do. 31digital was founded by myself (Rick) and my brother James Kuwahara. With entrepreneurial parents who didn't have access on ways to grow their businesses, we are on a mission to make sure every small business can grow as fast as they want to and see returns on every dollar spent. 

Let's talk

If you like what you've read so far, then let's talk. If you're working with a smaller budget, we also do hourly and monthly coaching and consulting. Just make a note of that in your message using the form below.